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      +86 (21) 50312369
      Main Business
      Technical Training Technical Training
      Commissioning and Maintenance Commissioning and Maintenance
      Spare Parts Sales Spare Parts Sales
      Diesel Engine Sales Diesel Engine Sales
      Authorized agent
      Supplying The Genuine Parts To Fitting For MAN LISENCE Engine Marker
      Technical Training
      Providing the oretical and practical trainning for SXD user
      Commissioning and Maintenance
      Installation, commissioning and warranty period outside services, repair works
      Spare Parts Sales
      Full range of spare parts have a lot of inventory, one hour response, three hours delivery
      Diesel Engine Sales
      Safe, Reliable, Easy maintenance and operate,Better economy , Long life
      +86 (21) 50312369
      Fax:+86 (21) 50159533
      Address:Building 13, No.528, RuiQing Rd, Pudong Shanghai,China
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