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      +86 (21) 50312369
      Corporate Culture
      Entrepreneurship: SXD(Shanghai) Sales&Service Co.,Ltd will always remember the "unity, entrepreneurship, quality and efficiency," the entrepreneurial spirit, the spirit of "co-development of enterprises and employees," the idea to create a distinctive corporate culture and good corporate image.

      First Class management: SXD in life to create value through ongoing training and modern management, continuous self-transcendence, establish common struggle Gakken teamwork.

      Determination: SXD who will be a strong sense of social responsibility and historic mission, and constantly learn new knowledge, explore new technologies, develop new products, and we work together, committed to creating a national industry, for diesel engines and make new contributions to the cause of our country , we will make unremitting efforts to this end.

      +86 (21) 50312369
      Fax:+86 (21) 50159533
      Address:Building 13, No.528, RuiQing Rd, Pudong Shanghai,China
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